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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

My New Favorite Rookie Group

This year many groups have debuted, and honestly not many have really impressed me. However, a couple days ago, a new group called MyName debuted. They are instructed by the singe Hwanhee. OMG this group is really good. They have two really good singers and one amazing dancer (who is absolutely adorable)

- Lee Gun Woo: January 30th, 1989 (leader/main vocalist)
- Kim Seyong: November 20th, 1991 (dancer/rapper)
- Jun Q: August 9th, 1993 (rapper)
- Kang Insoo: March 10th, 1988 (main vocalist)
- Chae Jin: December 26th, 1995 (maknae/sub-vocalist)
Facebook page:

There debut song is called Message:

Overall, there really good, but can improve on there live performances. Really like them though:)

Saturday, August 27, 2011

New Bi-Racial Group Chocolat

I know thathis is kind of a late blog, but, I didn't want to review a group without watching a few of their live performances. So, recently, a new girl group named Chocolat debuted. They gained a lot of interest before their debut due to the fact that 3 of them (Tia, Melanie and Julianne) are bi-racial. Recently, their debut mv, Syndrome, came out. Here is the link:

Honestly, I like them, but I am still not sure of their abilities. The lead vocalist, Jae Yoon, is not really that good compared to other lead vocalists like Taeyon, Luna and Hyorin. However, they are a rookie group, so you have to give them a some time before judging on their abilities. If you have watched the mv, you would have realized that the camera is always focusing on Tia. Many people have bashed her about htis, but in most kpop groups they have a "face". For example, Jiyeon from T-ara and Yoona from SNSD. Therefore, I think bashing her isn't that necessary because she is the prettiest member out of all of them.

The reason why I am not sure about their abilities is because of watching MR performances of them. The only ones that are decent are Jaeyoon and Melanie. Tia is just in the middle dancing, Julianne lipsync for most of the part, and the leader has like one line. Here is the performance:

Overall, it was a pretty decent debut. However, I do not find this group unqiue like 2NE1, Miss A or SNSD other than having 3 bi-racial members. Do I not like them? No, I just need to see more from them.:)

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Top 20 Most Handsome Kpop Guys

I started listening to kpop about five years ago while I was in sixth grade. My friend had introduced me to a band named DBSK, and I totally got hooked. After listening and watching kpop videos for the past five years, I have narrowed down the top 20 most handsome guys(in my opinion)

20) Yonghwa(CN Blue): Not only is he handsome, but Yonghwa is also a very talented musician. I loved him in We Got Married(with Seohyun) and You're Beautiful.

19) Kibum (Super Junior): If you continue to read this list, you will realize that I am a huge Super Junior fanxD I watched their movie Attack of the Pin Up Boys, and I have to admit Kibum's character was my favorite. I don't know where he is lately, but I hope to see more of him in the future:)

18)Hankyung (Super Junior): He is probably best-known as the Chinese member of Super Junior(even though he left). He was always funny on variety shows, and of course, he is very handsome. Wish him good luck as a solo singer in China.

17) Eli (U-KISS): Out of all the U-KISS members, I have always found Eli the most attractive because he looks very manly and handsome. Although his personality is not my favorite in U-KISS, he is habds down the most handsome (in my opinion)

16)T.O.P (Big Bang): One word: EYES! Yes, his eyes are so attractive. They draw you in because they are so intense. In addition, his voice is very low, and I love it<3

15) Key (SHINEE): He has the perfect bone structure(his cheekbones!). I also love his sassy personality on variety shows. He always makes me laugh:)

14)Siwon (Super Junior): One word to describe Siwon is: PERFECTION! He has a perfect face, body, and well he has a good height too. He isn't my favrotie member, but I got to say he is probably the most perfect one out of all of them.

13)Taeyang (Big Bang): He's got such a nice body, and his smile is really cute. Also, Taeyang is probably one of the best male kpop dancers. Man, his moves are so smoothxD

12) Henry (Super Junior M): You might be wondering why I put him higher on this list than Siwon, Kibum and Hankyung. First, he's really cute, and his smile can melt hearts. Also, he is a crazy violin beast, link below:

11) Lee Joon (MBLAQ): Like Siwon, I'd say Lee Joon is perfection too. He's got "honey abs" and a perfect face. Hs smile is also adorkable. Love this kid, and he's a great dancer too.

10) Hongki (F.T. Island): He's soooo CUTTTEEEEE!!!!!:) Cutest idol out there:)

9) Eunhyuk (Super Junior): Don't bash me on this, but he is really attractive in my opinion. I mean he is nowhere near being the most handsome member in Super Junior, but his dorkiness, amazing dancing skills, and funny personality makes him just as attractive if not more attractive than the other members.

8)Kim Hyun Joong (SS501): Another perfect pretty boy. Everyone loves him, and he's got a really cool personality. He totally fits the character he played in Boys Before FlowersxD

7)Jaebeom/ Jay Park (former 2PM): He's got amazing abs, and his dancing is beast. Hands down one of the most attracive 2PM members.

6) Seungho (MBLAQ): Although Seungho isn't the most perfect member of MBLAQ, I find him the most attracive. I think it's because he's a great dancer (if you haven't noticed I have a thing for good dancers), and because he's got crazy lips (which he licks all the time). I'm not trying to sound like a crazy teenage girl, but I am just trying to say what part of him attracts me (and many others) the most.

5)Yoochun (DBSK): PERFECTION!!!! He's soo good looking, and I loved him in Sunkyungkwan Scandal with Park Min Young (even though she is dating Lee Min Ho).

4) Kikwang (B2ST): He has an amazing body and face to go with that. Out of B2ST, I find him the most attractive even though he is a tiny bit short.

3) Nickhun (2PM): He looks like a doll. I'd say when I made this video I was kinda Nickhun-crazy, but I still like him. The KHUNTORIA couple is my favorite on WGM:)

2) Dongahe (Super Junior): He is hands down the most attractive member of Super Junior (in my opinion). He seriously has the sweetest smile out of all the kpop idols, and he's a very good dancer. Also, on variety shows, I always find myself staring at Dongahe even if they're focusing on someone else. <3 him

1) YUNHO (DBSK): PERFECT PERFECT PERFECTION!!!! The first mv I watched by DBSK was Tongiht, and Yunho looked soooo goood in that video. Honestly, I would have put every DBSK member in this list,but then there would be no varietyxD I have to say Yunho was my first kpop idol crush, so he'll probably remain number 1 for me forever:)

Here's the video linkt to the list:

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

MBLAQ's new single Mona Lisa

So MBLAQ recently came out with their new single/mv Mona Lisa. The song has an upbeat, and the stylign is very dark and mysterious. I especially like Seungho's styling because he just looks so good. The song is pretty catchy, and I think it is a very strong comeback for them. In my opinion, the comeback sort of shows MBLAQ pulling away from the typical kpop boyband into their own genre.

The song:
The song is really catchy, but it's not my favorite song from them. (8.5/10)

The video:
I like the video. It's dark,a nd the dancing is good. Kind of a typical video though other than the styling. (8/10)

The styling:
My gawd, The styling is crazy. In my opinion, the styling works on some members like Seungho. However, on some members, the styling looks kind of ridiculous (will not mention any names).

Overall the song is catchy, and I am starting to appreciate MBLAQ even more now:)
Here is the link to the video:

Review of CSJH's comeback One More Chance

So recently CSJH (also known as the Grace) made a comeback after a 4 year hiatus. When I heard the news, I was so excited because I had really liked their music. They were meant to be the counterpart of DBSK, but never reached the popularity that DBSK reached. To me this was very depressing because they are some of the most beautiful and talented singers/dancers in kpop.
Hmmmm....honestly the song was kind of a dissapointment. IDK...I mean it's catchy and all, but compared to their older songs, this song is very weak. SM should have picked an upbeat song that would show off their vocal abilities. SO SONG: (7.5/10)
Music vid:
The video has beautiful colors, and the dancing is good as always, but it's too typical. No fun/amazing elements or storyline...I was kind of expecting morexD VID: (7/10)
(10/10) They both LOOK STUNNING!!!I love every outfit. It's very hip, bold, and avant garde. I think this is the best they have ever looked in any of their videos.

I hope these girls keep on coming out with new songs/vids because I absolutely love them. They work really hard, and I hope their comeback is successful because they deserve it. Also hope that Stephanie and Lina will come back because they had the strongest vocals in the group/Stephanie is probably one of the best kpop dancers ever.

Here are the links to the vid:
One More Chance:

Other fave songs by them:
My Everything:

The Club ft. Rain:

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